Tomato breeder Craig LeHoullier and all things tomato

To say Craig LeHoullier knows a lot about tomatoes is an understatement. In this episode of the Clean Slate Farm podcast, we talk with Craig LeHoullier, an expert tomato breeder, and grower. It was a great discussion about tomatoes and I learned quite a bit from this and his book, Epic Tomatoes: How to select and grow the best varieties of all time.

Craig is the lead breeder for the dwarf tomato project, which you can find more information through his website. Craig also has a YouTube channel about all things tomato and it would be worthwhile. He is also involved with Seed Savers, a seed company worthy of your business. You can find dwarf tomato seeds at the following sites among others.

Links –
Craig LeHoullier
Seed Savers
Fruition Seeds

Epic Tomatoes (Amazon affiliate link) or you can purchase directly from Craig

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