The Search for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Recipe for Toll House Cookies

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Ii like many things about Cooks Magazine but one of the things I dislike is the constant referring to “the best…” of whatever they are making. On a technical note, I believe it’s probably possible to create “a best” recipe. On the other hand, taste is a highly subjective matter and although you can get X out of Y people to agree a recipe is “the best” I still have a problem claiming there can be “a best” recipe for cookies or pot roast from an individuals point of view.

Please don’t misunderstand me…I love Chris Kimball and his staff because they demystify a lot of what goes on during the cooking process, kind of like an understandable, layman’s version of Harold McGee.

Now having said that I have to say the original recipe for Nestle Toll House chocolate chips is, for my feeble tastes, the best. I’ve tried countless recipes for chocolate chips and finally found my way back to the Original.

There are two reasons for this proclamation. Let me explain. When I was a kid my aunt Mary was the baker extraordinaire. Pies, cookies, cakes, you name it. It didn’t take long for my cousin Stephanie and me to discover this. Whenever we were getting, shall I say yelled at, by our moms’ we would run away from home.  Not far mind you, only to aunt Mary’s house where we knew either a batch of cookies were waiting or a batch could be coaxed out of her. Our favorite was Toll House cookies. The original Tollhouse cookies. Always with a glass of milk. The combination always made us forget why we had run away in the first place.

At the proper time, our mothers would call aunt Mary and tell her to have us come home for dinner, which we usually did unless aunt Mary had something better to offer.

It follows then, these are the cookies which bring back fond memories of aunt Mary and those days of running away from home.

The second reason is I love chocolate chip cookies. Those with the proper crunch on the outside and gooeyness on the inside. These fit the bill perfectly, gooey factor, crunch factor, and undeniably delicious with a freezing, cold glass of whole, raw milk.

Get the recipe here and see what kind of memories they bring back for you.

How do you like your chocolate chips?

  • reply Carol A. Rightnour ,

    Oh David, It is so heartwarming to know that my Mom’s never-ending supply of cookies created such wonderful memories for you. Her nieces and nephews (as well as her own children) got so much love and comfort from them. We will have to get you her recipe for Jubilee Jumbles.

    • reply Dave ,

      Carol, your mom and dad were inspirational to me so many times. Your mom’s baking cookies, and you dad in the garden are memories I’ll always cherish.

    • reply Vicky D'Agostino ,

      I’m of the same mind as you Dave–nothing beats the original Toll House recipe. I have my mom’s numerous cookie cookbooks, and while memory fails on some things, many of the page markers Mom left were the actual bags recipes, remind me of the joys of her homemade delights masquerading as Toll House heaven ;-)

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