GMOs and Why We Should Care.

This article helped me form my opinion of GMOs

Of all the magazines I read I like Acres USA the most. It is an eco-agriculture publication that, at least to me, presents a balanced outlook on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and sustainable agriculture. While I read Mother Earth and a host of web sites/blogs, they often leave me with a taste of sensationalism or “out of the mainstream” editorial.

Yes, I get a lot of information from these sources but as a former advertising and PR executive I know how easy it is to manipulate opinion. Given enough time and money a good PR firm can eventually make anyone believe the sky is green and the grass is blue. It sounds like hyperbole on my part but I see it everyday and have lived it. Often I feel that many of these information outlets can do more harm than good, with all good intentions, to the sustainable agriculture and buy local movements.

So when I read something in Acres USA that alarms me I stand and take notice, and not much can do that anymore. However, a recent interview with Dr. Don Huber, Emeritus Professor, Purdue University, left me with a feeling of discontent. Acres USA was kind enough to provide me with a pdf file of the interview to share and I post it here for you to read.

You will read the interview headline and cringe (GMOs, Glyphosate & Tomorrow) but while long, the interview is enlightening and frightening at the same time. Grab a hot tea or coffee and have a go at it. I think you will find it as alarming as I did. It leaves me with questions about myself and how I will/can/want to be an active participant in protesting the GMO companies and the government which allows this to persist. It leaves me with many questions about my commitment to banning these products.

I’m short on rhetoric, having talked myself out in my ad days many years ago so please don’t expect much should this start a conversation. I’d prefer to let Dr. Don Huber’s words stand on their merit. The link follows… GMOs, Glyphosate & Tomorrow

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