Roasted Garlic Two Ways

The long and super tasty way or the short and convenient way

roasted garlic

The garlic is harvested and has been curing in the barn for few weeks. Finally we can make our roasted garlic.

There are two ways to make roasted garlic. Yes, there is real roasted garlic, then there’s faker roasted garlic. Faux-Ro if you will.

Let’s start with the real stuff. When garlic is roasted, in an oven or on an outdoor grille, the result is pretty tasty stuff. The garlic flavor and kick mellows out into an subtle creamy taste. It can be used squished on toast, steak, or used to make mayonnaise. When used to make mayo it becomes aioli. We’ll talk about mayonnaise another time. I have a ridiculously simple way to make mayo I’ll share in a future article and show you on our Youtube channel.

To make roasted garlic, the real stuff, you want to expose the individual cloves a little so you can drizzle a olive oil into the bulb. See how I peeled away the skin a little in the photo. I chop the top off barely exposing the tips of the cloves and tear the papery husk a bit at the top. Then I drizzle a bit of oil into and around the bulb. You don’t have to do this but you do need to lightly coat the bulb in oil.

The bulb gets tightly wrapped in aluminum foil and roasted in a 300 degree (150 Celcius) oven or on a grille set to medium-low heat. You can wrap four or five at a time and that works well. All you are doing is forming a space to allow the garlic to roast and steam at the same time. At twenty minutes I check to see how it’s coming along. A poke it with a sharp paring knife or toothpick to see if it’s soft. If it is remove it and let cool. It’s going to get real hot int the foil so don’t over roast or you’ll cook all the moisture out of the clove. Bad juju.

Now that the cloves are softened and tasty all you need do is squish the roasted goodness onto your desired vehicle of transportation to your taste buds. Take note that roasted garlic is a little messy but lick-your-fingers-good.

Method two – faker roasted garlic

garlic curing

If you are short on time there is a shortcut. Think microwave fast. Chop the top of the bulb to expose the tips of the garlic cloves. You’ll want to take about 1/4 inch (6mm) off the cloves. Put it in an appropriate sized bowl, add about 1/4 inch of water, cover with plastic wrap, and microwave for 3 minutes. (I can’t tell you what power setting as your microwave may be more or less powerful than ours. You’ll have to test this in your microwave for specific timing.)

Check the garlic to see if it’s softened up. If not go in 1 minute increments until it is. In our machine it’s a seven minute process so I do two three minute shots, check it and hit it again for a minute as needed. That usually does the trick.

Faux-Ro won’t give you the roasted garlic flavor that an oven or grille gives you but for many recipes it would be acceptable. This dog hunts, just not as well as the real deal.

How do you use your roasted garlic?

  • reply Vicky D'Agostino ,

    Dave, I’m going to try your oven method. We love the soft, creamy and delicous flavor of oven-roasted garlic. Thanks for the primer!

    • reply Dave ,

      Vicki, It’s great just schmooied on bread and very easy to make.

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