Pomona’s Pectin Giveaway

My favorite pectin is having a giveaway!

Pomona's Pectin

About five years ago we started using Pomona’s Pectin and never looked back. We love this stuff because you can make low sugar jams and jellies, or use honey as the sweetener for jams and jellies with the an essence of the honey flavor. We used buckwheat honey for strawberry jam one time and it was incredible.

Brand X pectin was our go to pectin but I always had a problem using four cups of fruit and four or more cups of sugar. The jam always was too sweet and lets face it, that much sugar is not good for anyone. Now our strawberry jam tastes like strawberries, our peach tastes like peach (with a hint of vanilla), and blueberry tastes like blueberry.

Being trained as a chef, I want the flavor of what I’m making to come through and when it comes to jams and jellies Pomona’s makes that happen. For your canning season you should give pectin a try. They have a cookbook available as well as recipes on their site on how to use and adjust recipes to use Pomona’s. Go flavor!

You have until June 17, 2015 to enter the Pomona’s Pectin Giveaway. Prizes included the Preserving cookbook, a box of Pomona’s Pectin, or a case of six eight ounce jelly jars from Filmore Container and you can there’s multiple ways to win.


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  • reply Amanda ,

    I’ve been wanting to try canning with Pomona’s. Hope I win and can test it out!!

    • reply Dave ,

      You’ll love Pomona’s. Finally you can taste the fruit not the sugar. Hope you win!

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