And now for something completely different…

A Podcast!

Yup, a podcast. As if the YouTube channel, bees, garden, cooking, and animals weren’t enough I started a podcast.

You see, I have this thing about packing as much into life as possible and I’m interested in way too many things for my own good. I love the gardens, animals, cooking, baking, showing people how to do something on YouTube, and learning new things. I love listening to podcasts as well. It’s where I get to hear great stories from Snap Judgment and The Moth, incredible interviews from Alec Baldwin on Here’s the Thing, and science shows too numerous to mention.

I thought creating podcast will give me the chance to talk to people I meet on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other websites. People doing things that interest me and that I can learn from and get a little more in-depth on their background. And I’d like to bring you along for the journey. It may be a bit rough around the edges in these first few episodes as I learn the new programs that allow me to record and edit the shows, but stick around. This should get interesting.

You can download a podcast player like Podbean, Stitcher, Pocket Cast, or any one of many. The Clean Slate Farm Podcast can be found on iTunes or Google Play Music. You can also find the podcast on Stitcher and Podbean. Make sure to subscribe, leave a comment, and at the very least a star or two rating to help others find the show. I’d appreciate that.

Here’s the first show. Have a listen, and thanks!





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