Farewell, Mr. Bird, our love bird

It is so quiet in here.

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Mr. Bird, the last of our two love birds, died last night. He was 15 years old, maybe older. He was a peach-faced turquoise. They are commonly from Namibia, Western Africa and were orphans from the CNYSPCA when we adopted them.

As a pet friend, Mr. Bird was the most entertaining little guy. He could be totally quiet all day long and as soon as a phone rang or dinner conversation began, he would want to participate with loud tweets. Every morning, I would uncover his cage (he always had layers of blankets over him to protect from drafts) and he would hop over to look at me, twisting his head around. When we came home from work, he added to the barking dogs with his own barking. To get ready for bed, he would face into his corner making a comforting scraping sound with his beak as his covers went on for the night.

He outlived his sibling, Peggy. Named Peggy (Peg Leg) as she lost most of her toes on one leg in an untimely accident in the summer of 2004. Actually, we’re not even certain Mr. Bird was a “Mr.” you can only tell a bird’s sex, it seems, with DNA testing.

Mr. Bird wasn’t out of his cage a lot but when he did fly around, he might sit on your head, jump on top of one of the dogs, or end up on the Christmas tree pretending to be a living holiday ornament. He thought he was pretty funny.

Perhaps birds should be in the wild where they belong but I have to say, we did enjoy this little thing and I would recommend caring for a charmer like this from our natural world anytime. We really miss you, Mr. Bird.

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  • reply Linda Erb ,

    I’m embarrassingly late in reading this news. I am so sad about Mr. Bird. He was a true celebrity in every way…published on cards, and providing love for you guys and laughs for us too! Clean Slate Farm will be different, but Mr. Birds funnies sure provided great memories!

    • reply Dave ,

      Thanks Linda. He is truly missed around here with his funny chirps and (real) tweets! We have plenty lot pictures and videos of him so he’ll never be far from us.

    • reply Terry M. ,

      So sorry to hear about Mr. Bird; I’m glad that I had the opportunity to meet him (or her). He was a very pretty bird, and I’m sure he added so much to your home, despite being the smallest critter of the family.

      • reply David Williamson ,

        Nicely written. We cherish our pets in only the way a pet owner would understand.

        • reply Your sister Pat ,

          What a beautiful eulogy for Mr Bird. He sure was a little character; I loved his little ‘reply’ when we said ‘Swee-TEE?’ to him. I’ll miss teasing him with my finger, and daring him to ‘bite me’. He’s having fun with his sibling, flying over the Rainbow Bridge (and probably teasing Miss Brumbie, The Ruster, and Chipper!).

          • reply Vicky D'Agostino ,

            Mr. Bird sounds like a character. Now he’s over the rainbow bridge, with his pal Peggy flitting about with great joy. Sad for you both, I know. But freedome for him! Hugs from afar <3

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