Cheap Greenhouse for Seed Starting

What we start our seeds in came real cheap

Four years ago, when we moved to Clean Slate Farm, we were getting ready to start the garden. By chance I was at the local drugstore and walked by a display of mark down items. To my delight there was a smallish “knock-down” mini greenhouse for home use. It seemed to be well constructed, kind of, but most of all extremely inexpensive. A whopping $29.95!

What’s a boy to do? Move it the the checkout line as quickly as possible.

For us this is a perfect solution. The hot water heat exchanger is right next the greenhouse and adds a little bit of heat and sunlight comes through the window almost all day long. The temp inside the greenhouse stays at pretty constant 70+ degrees F so the seeds and seedlings are getting great care. Humidity is perfect also, although on some days we need to open the zippered door to allow it to air a bit. Otherwise we see some mold on the starter mix around the seedlings.

The size is great as well. Two standard seed trays fit almost perfectly on each shelf so we can have eight seed flats going at once. A second cheap greenhouse would obviously be nice but would block our view of Morgan Forest across the valley. To that end we are looking at larger, DIY greenhouse plans to build outside.

We’ll start our onion, tomato, pepper, and eggplants in this sometime this week. As we choose other vegetables to plant we’ll start them in this also.

Now I don’t think you would want this cheap greenhouse to be used outside, though I’ve seen photos of them in that atmosphere. With the spring winds we get, upwards of 25 mph unannounced, we couldn’t put it outside. Inside is another matter. Our house is perfectly situated, facing dead south.  What’s more we have a huge bay window on the south side of the house making it the perfect location. You can see part of the bay window in the the last photo below.

What do you use to start your seeds in?



  • reply Your sister-in-law Pat ,

    Spring MUST be around the corner: Farmer Dave is setting up the indoors greenhouse!! What a great start to your fantastic veggie garden….!

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