GMOs and Why We Should Care.

This article helped me form my opinion of GMOs

Of all the magazines I read I like Acres USA¬†the most. It is an eco-agriculture publication that, at least to me, presents a balanced outlook on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and sustainable agriculture. While I read Mother Earth and a host of web sites/blogs, they often leave me with a taste of sensationalism or “out of the mainstream” editorial.

Yes, I get a lot of information from these sources but as a former advertising and PR executive I know how easy it is to manipulate opinion. Given enough time and money a good PR firm can eventually make anyone believe the sky is green and the grass is blue. It sounds like hyperbole on my part but I see it everyday and have lived it. :: Follow Gromit for more

TV Chef

We now pause for a rant from our sponsor

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Having trained as a chef, worked the line, and now managing restaurants I feel a certain amount of responsibility to the professional cooking world. The life of a professional anything in a restaurant is not easy. There are long hours, typically 10 to 14, six or seven days per week and seventy to eighty hour weeks are common. The pay is not glamorous or extravagant. There may be plenty of six figure Food TV hosts but there are precious few six-figure Chefs.

Restaurants are tremendously difficult places to work in. That goes for FOH as well as BOH. Family life is almost non-existent and if you have children you rarely see them off to bed If you are married it can be rocky. The suicide rate may be highest among dentists but I’ll bet the divorce rate of restaurant professionals is off the charts. It takes a special person to be married to a restaurant professional.

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New Recipe Format at Clean Slate Farm

Let’s make this a little easier on everyone


Okay, here we go again…I’ve recently changed over to the Yummly recipe system for all recipes. Yummly is a great community of recipe collections and it allows you to save and share recipes. Sign up for your free Yummly account here!


I recently came across a great new software plug-in for the WordPress blogging platform I use for this blog. It’s called Easy Recipe and allows me to format the recipes for better viewing and, here’s the best part, it adds a print button so you can easily print the recipes!

Over the coming weeks I’ll be updating any post with a recipe to this format and eventually all recipes will be updated.

I’m also reformatting the site for taxonomy. No, I’ve not taken up stuffing animals, this is the term used for categories and subcategories on the site. These changes will be a little more time in coming but my goal is to make it easier to find and follow what goes on here.

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