Quick Beef Barley Soup

One of our favorite soups for winter

beef barley soup

We eat a lot of soup at Clean Slate Farm. Roasted tomato, butternut squash, potato leek, French onion, chicken, and turkey. But then there is beef barley soup. :: Follow Gromit for more

Fermented Mustard, Now That Was Easy

I’ve made mustard before…but never fermented mustard

fermented mustard

Fermented condiments are not something I’ve tried to make before. It’s not that I don’t like condiments, it’s just never occurred to me to give it a go. That is until I saw a recipe on 107 Garden that looked easy enough to give it shot.

:: Follow Gromit for more

Pickled Green Tomatoes and some Fermenting Tips

They take some time, but they sure are delicious

pickled green tomatoes

It’s said that taste evokes memories and takes you back in time to other places. Well I can’t argue that after tasting the fermented green tomatoes I made.

When I first packed these in the jar it was an experiment. It’s been many years since I had a pickled tomato and I wasn’t sure :: Follow Gromit for more

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