Garlic, Wonderful Garlic

Getting to know garlic, a kitchen staple


Imagine what we could have learned in Latin class had we paid attention. Take that old friend of ours garlic for instance. The Latin name is allium satuvim. The modern word for garlic has its roots (no pun intended) in the old Anglo-Saxon words gar, or spear, and leac, or leek. When growing the plant looks like a spear, hence the name. Why leek? Garlic and leeks are cousins in the allium family.

Garlic has been found in the tombs of Egyptian mummies and was well known to the ancient Chinese, Greeks and Romans. In those days it was not a food :: Follow Gromit for more

Chicken Stock or Chicken Broth?

Chicken stock? What’s in a name?

chicken stock

It seems one of the latest crazes hitting the internet these days is broths. But what it a broth? Is it the same as stock?

Quite simply it depends on what you put in the pot. A stock is basically the same as broth with one exception. Broths have no meat on the bone. Clean bones, those with no meat on them, are used to make broths whereas stocks have meat on the bone. Having cooked in professional kitchens I can tell you I never made a broth.

At the Culinary Institute of America :: Follow Gromit for more

Jalapeño and Green Pepper Jam

A story about a beach in Maine, a pseudo spy, beer, and jalapeño and green pepper jam

jalapeno and green pepper jam

Other than the attaché handcuffed to his wrist he looked like any other vacationing camper. Joe Spy, that’s the nickname we gave him that summer in Maine at Hermit Island Campground.

We were staying at Western Reach 13, our favorite site, and for supplies we would wander down to the Kelp Shed. To get to the Kelp Shed we had to pass by the beach camp sites and that’s were we first encountered Joe Spy. Every time we saw him he had an attaché case handcuffed to his wrist.

Joe Spy didn’t go swimming or to the beach, in fact, he never left the campsite. We knew this because we could see his campsite from ours on top of the hill. If we said hello he would look up, :: Follow Gromit for more

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