Easy Tomato Salsa Recipe

There’s nothing like tomato salsa in mid-winter, or any other time, too!

tomato salsa

Tomatoes are my downfall and I usually plant far more than is necessary. To use them up our go to recipe is tomato soup, which we make and freeze so we can have it all winter long.

We also make tomato salsa because it’s nice to have in winter as well. When the winter seems endless we drag out a jar of salsa, make some nachos, whip up a gin and tonic (Hendrick’s please), and bring back memories of summer.

Salsa is the Spanish word for sauce and there are obviously quite a few variations on the theme. There are more recipes for tomato salsa on the internet than one can shake a stick at. A google search for tomato salsa got 3,690,000 hits. This one is a compilation of several we’ve made over the years and :: Follow Gromit for more

Wild Flower Honey Harvest

Our first harvest of wild flower honey

wild flower honey

Bees forage in a wide area, up to five miles from the hive. So when it comes time to bottle and label your honey it’s difficult to tell what to call it. We know the bees went crazy this spring on the apple and cherry trees then started in on the abundance wild flowers and weeds in the area. So when we bottled our first harvest of honey we decided to call it wild flower honey.

Beekeepers run a gauntlet of issues to get a successful harvest. There are some nasty pests that can raise havoc with bee hives. Varroa mites attach themselves to the back of the bee and feed like ticks and introduce diseases. Then there is the small hive beetle, which also can cause problems with the bees. Add a dose of wax moths, American Foul Brood, and other maladies and you’ll find that beekeeping can be interesting in the least.

Most beekeepers use a variety of chemicals to keep these problems at bay. We practice what is known as Treatment Free beekeeping. It was a decision we made after :: Follow Gromit for more

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Make and freeze roasted cauliflower soup for winter meals

roasted cauliflower soup

The gardens at Clean Slate Farm provide us with a bounty of greens, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, and more.

Most of the greens are used for salads as the year progresses and we never lack for a super fresh salad at dinner time. Much of what we grow goes into canning and preserving. Soups are also huge on our list of recipes so we can enjoy the harvest throughout the winter.

However, some of our attempts come up short. Our first shot at growing cauliflowers was not very successful. Flea beetles ravaged the plants and we lost the entire crop. This year we tried again and managed to get two plants through harvest. :: Follow Gromit for more

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