A Versatile Barbecue Sauce Recipe

A barbecue sauce you can change up each time you make it

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The ugly photo to the left? Yeah, I need to make some more barbecue sauce today.

Personally I’ve never been one for killer, blow-the-taste-buds-from-your-head hot sauce. I just don’t get why someone would do that. Humans have about 10,000 taste buds and they are replaced every two weeks or so, but for me it defies logic. My preference is toward a sweeter barbecue sauce with over and undertones of different flavors. We use this barbecue sauce just as it is but you can mix it up to your preference.

Humans experience five tastes sensations: sweet, sour, salt, bitter, and umami. This recipe allows you to play with some of these to suit your tastes. This barbecue sauce can be used as is or as a base. So If you want to blow the buds from your mouth just start adding hot stuff like chili peppers. Want some more sweetness? Add sugar or honey. Maybe switch the honey for maple syrup. How about adding some coffee or espresso? You get the idea.  :: Follow Gromit for more

Coffee Bean Chocolate Chip Cookies

For all you coffee freaks out there I present coffee chocolate chip cookies!

coffee chocolate chip cookies

As I write this I am indulging in one of my favorite activities…eating cookies. Yup, those cookies, the ones to the left.

What’s really nice about that is I’m getting a shot of coffee, a few cookies, a glass of ice cold milk, and exercise all at once. Yes exercise, the kind one gets from alternately lifting a cookie and glass of milk to ones pie hole.

This recipe for coffee chocolate chip cookies is super simple to make and literally goes together in about 10 to 15 minutes. Some caveats though. The original recipe says to beat the tar out of the butter and sugar. Do not beat the tar out of ANY creaming of butter and sugar. Ever. I took that part out. :: Follow Gromit for more

Rhubarb Trivia and a Rhubarb Recipe

First, A Rhubarb Ruse

rhubarb plant

The first time I tasted rhubarb I was only about ten years old. My mom’s Uncle Steve had two long rows of rhubarb roots planted behind his house and they grew tall, ruby red stalks. Uncle Steve was showing my cousin and me the garden and I said something about the big red celery. Instantly he knew had a couple of victims ready to supply a good chuckle. Bending over, he chopped off a long red stalk and cut a couple of lengths for us to try. “You’ll love this. I’ll probably have to keep chasing you from the garden,” he said. His taunts made the promise of a big bite of rhubarb even sweeter.

Chomp, chomp. As our faces instantly twisted up in contortions Uncle Steve had his morning laugh on us. His wife, Julie, saw the whole show from the porch and brought out a cup of sugar to show us how rhubarb should be eaten raw. After some assurances, we dipped the ends into the sugar bowl and tried again. This time we loved the mixture of tastes.

Seven Little Known Facts About Rhubarb

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