DIY Low Tunnels

Easy to make low tunnels

Low tunnels are a great way to extend the garden season by a few weeks to a few months depending on your USDA zone. We’re at zone 5a and at 1434 feet elevation on the side of a hill with excellent southern exposure. This makes our location text book perfect for our garden and what’s more, low tunnels that will be able to take full advantage of the sun we get during winter. Our first low tunnels two years ago just couldn’t stand up to the snow loads we get here so we cobbed together some sturdier versions. :: Follow Gromit for more

Beekeeping 101 – Overwintering bees in cold climates

Hives wrapped in tar paper are said to overwinter better in cold climates.

[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”Wrapped Up Tight” imgtitle=”right click to enlarge”]


In the great white north winters get a little harsh and bees are not very fond of cold weather. Actually,  overwintering bees in cold climates is possible, it’s the not the cold that causes problems, it’s excess moisture, availability of food, and helping to provide natural heat. Here’s one thing we’re doing to overwinter the bees so they survive the cold.

:: Follow Gromit for more

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