Strawberry Jam Made with Pomona’s Pectin

Nothing beats home-made strawberry jam, especially when you use your own strawberries.

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Several years ago while making jam I was struck with the amount of sugar needed to make a batch. For jam using four or five cups of fruit one needs to add six to seven cups of sugar, and that started me questioning the whole process. I want to taste the fruit not the sugar. There is no doubt that a sweetener can bring out the flavor in fruit, much like salt does on other foods, but only when added in correct amount. Otherwise all you taste is fruit flavored sugar. That’s where Pomona’s Pectin comes in.

Pomona’s pectin allows you to use very little, or even no sugar at all. It sets using calcium powder rather than sugar. Scientifically this is a high-ester (Sure-Jell) vs. low-ester (Pomona’s) issue. It is also far more scientific than I am willing to figure out at this point in my life. All I know is Pomona’s uses less sugar, therefore it’s better for me, and I taste the fruit not the sugar.

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