On this episode of the Podcast…ever thought about building your own home? Listen to Emily McCafferty from the Accidental Hippies as we talk about how she and her husband built their off-grid, cordwood/post and beam home in Kentucky. There’s a lot to learn from her so listen up!




Garden Wrap Up with Sheri Fischer

Sheri and I talked in the spring about what we were going to plant in the gardens. Now that it’s fall we talk about wrapping up for the year. We both agree pepper grew terrific this year. Thanks, Sheri!


Canning with Stephanie Thurow, Master Canner

In this episode, I talk with Stephanie Thurow about all things canning. I first heard of Stephanie through her book, Can It & Ferment It. Stephanie is a master canner and with all that she has going on, I was pleased that she could join me for this interview.

We talk about canning safety, how long is food good for once canned, and fermenting.

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